About us


We want to live a life that reflects what we value most. As vegans, we want to prevent animal suffering. We also want to live sustainably, and for us that means creating as little waste as possible, minimising plastic, and ultimately saving energy and the planet's resources.

We dream of moving somewhere rural, quiet, and where we can raise ex-battery hens and rescue cats, growing our own food, and filling a larder with delicious home-made vegan staples.

We know we aren't the only ones who want to live like this, or have similar dreams. But like you, we're currently not in our ideal Haven. So this site is going to chart our way there - through frugal living, developing recipes for our own staples, beauty products and household goods, to a life that reflects the world we want to see.

If any of this is useful, inspiring or motivating to you (and we'd be the first to admit our lives are far from 'aspirational' right now) please join us for the ride. Warning: this won't be your typical clean-living blog: we like booze, horror films, and puns.

See you on the way to your Havens,

P and C, and the Cat x