KonMari Progress: Part I

Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? If not, do so! Marie Kondo is a Japanese queen of tidying and organising, and her book takes you gently through a process of getting rid of almost everything you own...

... Almost literally.

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

Why get rid of so much stuff?

We realised we'd become hooked on a cycle of consuming where we were purchasing clothes, books and other goods fairly mindlessly, and thereby living in a space full of clutter that we didn't even necessarily care about that much.

Early this summer we started the KonMari process for our own home. She takes you through a series of categories one by one, starting with clothes and then books. We sadly didn't take any photos of our clothes possessions before and after, and the same with our books and DVDs. However, trust me, all our clothes now fit in one fairly small wardrobe. For the two of us. And we have one and a bit shelves of books (although, given that books are a big pleasure of ours, that is starting to creep up again, no matter how much we also love visiting the library...). We used to have four or five shelves, mainly filled with things we didn't particularly enjoy reading the first time round, let alone want to keep and care for for years to come.

So what's next?

Marie Kondo recommends then moving through different categories of komono or 'miscellaneous items' in a prescribed order. We decided to start with hobbies as we have a lot of hobby-related belongings, from our old Kickboxing equipment, to soap making kits, art supplies and slacklines... Our first job (and our first post in this series!) will show you what we started with, and how much we get rid of... (Eek!)